Beth L., Photographer, Atlanta ,Ga.

Martha Novak is simply the best. I knew the moment I saw her that she was the one to lead me on the journey. She safely takes you to the deepest understandings of yourself and your world, far beyond anything you ever could have imagined. And from there, you begin the life you want. It's inevitable in her presence and you will never look back. Ever. Simply the best.

Betty S., Artist, Atlanta Georgia

Martha is a trustworthy and fearless guide for me on my journey to consciousness, with unwavering dedication to truth and lasting, positive change. Martha lives the simple, yet profound, message conveyed through her work. She has an extraordinary ability to bring ascended information and energy through to be integrated and experienced in the lives of others. She inspires me with her generosity of spirit and her vision. Thank you, Martha, for being an amazing blessing in my life, and a true friend.

Elizabeth Groth, Part owner of Groth Vineyards & Winery, Napa Valley

Martha is a brilliant teacher and this is the bottom line of every aspect of her work. She ignites a fire to learn about yourself, about the world and how to live in the fullest, most joyful, most productive and satisfying of ways. Even after nearly 8 years of working with Martha, I never cease to be amazed at her ability to inspire, and at her honesty and compassion; lessons are always growing deeper, never stagnant. She translates the language of universal truths into a usable language of the day-to-day and whether she is addressing one person or huge crowds, she has the ability to make everyone feel she is addressing only him or her. Working and learning with Martha has been exhilarating and the smartest and safest thing I've ever done. It changes life forever.

Hope Merrill, Owner and Founder of The Conscious Life Journal.

A mutual friend said to me with admiration, “Martha Novak is a force of nature!” I smiled with recognition of a fellow Martha fan and quickly agreed wholeheartedly. Martha is indeed a treasure who manages to exemplify the delicate balance of living life as a conscious human. She is sharp, and bright, and articulate while being simultaneously warm, compassionate and unbelievably charming. She challenges you, guides you, educates you and applauds your inevitable transformation under her care. When you are ready, when it is time for you to live the life you really want to live, then you will find her, or one of her many master graduate students, and your life will simply never be the same. Her Infinite Insight is complete, brilliant, and unique. And the results, well, for me they were nothing short of miraculous. My undying gratitude to, and for, this beautiful, authentic woman!

Hugh S., Retired Executive, The Coca Cola Company

My wife has been into consciousness raising for years. I've accompanied her to this and that, and so I thought I was going along for another nice ride when she found Martha Burgess Novak and The Burgess Process. Right away, Martha and her work spoke to me as a man, as a husband, and as a father. I was truly blown away. Since that time, I have joined Martha in her classes, in her lectures, and in her private sessions. Her insight is amazing and she really does teach you how to live in joy, love, peace and harmony with ourselves, other people and our God. Martha doesn't just tell you "it's out there" for you. She gives you the practical, step by step approaches to get there, encouraging you fully along the way. I'd recommend her and this work to every man out there. Instead of waiting for your wives to initiate... this time, take your wives!

Mary K.

In an attempt to uncover the deep-seated issues that I knew were lurking in my subconscious I spent a lifetime searching with counselors, healers, alternative medicine, self-help workshops, you name it! Having come up empty-handed time and again, I despaired that I would ever find the answers I needed and I just gave up. Enter Martha Burgess Novak! How can I begin to describe someone who has changed my life on the deepest levels? Having worked with Martha for several months I have been transformed to my very core. She truly has a direct channel to the Divine, which is, undeniably, the source of her power. Using her incisive, intuitive abilities she cuts straight through to the heart of the issues at hand, clearing the way for deep, transformative healing on all levels. Not only does she guide you through the process of illuminating the truth of your issues but she also uses her all-reaching healing powers to insure that you have cleared that problem forever from your psyche. Her energy, love and light are totally empowering: she is Love personified! Should you be looking for proof…the unquestionable proof is that at age 71 I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life! Through the profound changes I have experienced while working with Martha, the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders and my inner child is emerging! So if you are considering working with her my advice is RUN don’t walk…your true Self is waiting for you!

Randall P. Martin, Investment Adviser, Atlanta, Ga.

Martha has transformed my life with her powerful energy work. She is love personified, radiant from the heart, wise, kind, intellectually brilliant and psychically gifted. I recommend her unequivocably.

Susan S. – Wife, mother, grandmother and community volunteer

I’ve been searching for God in my day to day life for most of my life. None of the teachers, books, or programs that I have explored over the years have come close to helping me know that connection in the way that Martha Novak and her Novak Process does. Through her private sessions, lectures, CDs and group classes, I am finding my way to my own relationship with God. Martha facilitates with love, humor and great, good natured joy, teaching us how to come from Love, the God in each of us, in every relationship. What began as a personal quest has expanded into more deeply loving, happier relationships with my husband, our children, friends, and even the passing stranger. Our whole family works with the Novak Process and has been transformed by it. Even those not directly working with Martha and her work respond to the changes in us and relationships change for the better. I can’t recommend Martha and this work highly enough!

Tracy T, Atlanta, Ga.

Martha was giving a leadership training course for AT&T when I first met her. By the end of the day my back hurt so badly, I was lying on the floor. Martha looked down at me and asked me what I was doing. I told her I had chronic back problems. She said, "Come see me and I'll help you with that." Now I had sought help for my back from professionals for many years and nothing helped permanently. But I called the very next day. After working with Martha for a few short weeks, I was free of back pain and have stayed free of it for years now. I began taking her classes and was lucky enough to do weekly sessions and, shortly thereafter, I left AT&T for a new career as a facilitator in her company. Martha Burgess Novak and The Burgess Process are life changers. They were for me and they will be for you.