What We Do

Infinite Insight is the correction of false assumptions. We spend all our lives trying to be loved. But our journey is not about being loved,
it is about Being Love. This is what our company facilitates. We invite you to listen to our audio clips, hear Martha Novak in person, and participate in her group healing sessions that she does in her hometown Atlanta and in cities around the world.

Martha is the real thing, a true motivator and inspirational leader as well as a great teacher who cares deeply about people and about their journey into Wholeness. Her abilities are astounding and she continues to offer deep and life-altering insights the likes of which you will never hear anywhere else.

We invite you to work with Martha and the people she has trained. All go through a long, rigorous process to be certified. This group of facilitators are top-notch professionals who have worked with Martha and with Infinite Insight for years.

The Infinite Insight Advantage

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What is the difference between a good coach and a great one? Being a great coach requires out-of-the-box thinking, exceptional insight and the ability to assess with neutrality. A great coach is an expert communicator who links you to your potential. It’s easy to detect bad coaches: their methods don’t lead to the power of your potential. Instead they ask you to imitate their potential.

How does having a great coach benefit you? Growth is an adventure. By helping you identify and overcome personal obstacles, a great coach does more than teach you to imitate behaviors that work for most people. A great coach facilitates your evolution, ensuring that the training is effective and enduring.

The Infinite Insight for Business

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The Process defines a system of peak performance which allows people to generate high energy on command without anxiety. this method of achieving peak performance energy far exceeds generic business-seminar-style peak performance training. It renders visibility, bestows the dynamic of all great leadership, and opens the door to consistantly high levels of accomplishment through peak perfromance behaviors.

Infinite Insight delievers powerful, life-changing perpectives on peak performance, communication, teamwork, sales, the power of perception, conflict management and resolution, and the inherent power of non-verbal language. As a result, employees learn to achieve consistantly high levels of performance on command.

Performance Training

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Martha Novak, LLC. is a full-service firm dedicated to improving the executive, management, employee, and customer experience. We teach companies, teams and individuals how to stand out and deliver a high caliber performance in today's competitive marketplace.

Most training organizations try to inspire teams. But company-wide growth cannot happen if the training does not inspre the individuals to bring all of his or her talents to the table. A company's progress begins with person-to-person improvement.

Most of your business’ resources are quantitative. That’s how you measure profit. However, your business’ most valuable resources, people, are qualitative. How can you accurately measure their morale, their enthusiasm for their work, their commitment to quality? That’s why businesses struggle to make worthwhile investments in their most important assets – their employees.

Martha Novak inspires superior results. She reaches beyond conventional business coaching techniques to reveal hidden blocks to higher achievement. She brings goals into focus and shows you the way to achieve them. She assesses whole-company learning and communication capabilities, identifies and shows you how to eliminate obstacles, and finally, creates an innovative, structured, customized approach that propels every individual forward.

The Infinite Insight Process

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With her trademark evaluation, Martha Novak assesses the individual's learning and communication process and provides companies with graphs of the results. We interpret the charts for you, teach you how to interpret them for future use, and present the information to the company according to your needs – suggesting the best team and/or job restructuring to management, running team comparisons, assessing individual performance, predicting conflicts, and presenting solutions. Our Learning and Communication Sequence (LCS) Assessments are an invaluable tool when hiring, merging, acquiring or downsizing.

II.Interview and Discovery

Martha Novak,LLC. conducts extensive research before we begin. We interveiw, privately and confidentially, anyone the company designates, including but not limited to its executive officers. We discover strenghts and challenges, and devise efficient strategies to address each.

III. PPI Training and Systematic Access

Peak Performance Improvement (PPI) Training is a methodic approach, tailor-made to your organization and its needs. Employee by employee, we show your company how to work at higher levels of performance. Systematic Access is the hands on coaching process for the executives, teams and individuals within your organization. We take the quickest route to help break old patterns that no longer serve your organization and its goals, and train people to adopt more powerful behaviors. You’ll see performance improve markedly, and immediately.

IV. Planning and Evaluation

After implementation of Infinite Insight, we sit down with you and determine how far you’ve come and where you want to go next. At this time, we may conduct more interviews, survey your new image, or design an itinerary that will guide you further on your journey, helping you choose and arrive at the next, more ambitious destination.


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What the LCS is: it is an assessment of how one learns and communicates. It is based on the triunal brain system, meaning that there are three parts of the brain that control three specific processes. These three centers are measured by this assessment and the information determines a series of unique learning and communication sequences that cut right to the heart of the individual and how they are performing.

There are some very fine personality tests out there on the market today that give you so much information it is hard to weed through to the essentials of what you want to know about yourself and others. The LCS is different. In a few hours, you are an expert, and in those same few hours, you have the answers you've been seeking about yourself, your talents, gifts and abilities, your ability to process mental, emotional and physical information, how fast you are in each of these areas, what your inclinations are and how you will be inclined to behave in any given circumstance. Employers will learn that the job they have to offer has an LCS and a successful hire is matching the right candidate's LCS to the job's LCS. This assessment can also tell an employer who's going to be the most productive, who can handle more stress without falling apart, who will work well with others, keep a positive attitude, and what he can expect from this employee in a crisis. This assessment shows what the individual's weaknesses and strengths are and how to minimize and amplify them respectively. It will enhance extremely effective communication, eliminate misunderstandings between people, deepen teamwork remarkably, lessen frustration in the workplace and much more.