The Life You Want

Nothing is as it seems in this world. Many of us have had extraordinary experiences where we've glimpsed this reality -- mystical peeks behind the ordinary, life-threatening moments that alter us forever, or a moment in nature of profound communion. The many revelations in this book take you behind the appearance of things, into the workings of energy and a radical perspective on the way things truly are. Call it enlightenment, greater consciousness or living in grace, it is a potential available to all.

Martha Novak’s “The Life You Want” delves into the subject of greater consciousness and extraordinary, untapped human potential. This book will dismantle your old, limited beliefs about the nature of who you are, the possibility of real love, and will give you answers from the perspective of how you use your energy to perpetuate the past rather than create a truly different present and future. It will lead you to a new understanding of deeper realities which can actually be seen and understood, realitieswhich are hidden beneath the surface of human relationships and beneath every person's struggle to find meaning and happiness.

The author has a unique capacity for translating complex concepts, offering practical approaches which you can immediately incorporate. She takes the stories of everyday life showing us how we trap our energies as we hold onto the past, secured to the beliefs we conjured as children, remaining energetically hostage to images and ideas that were never even ours to begin with. Only when we bring our energy into the present, do we live our lives passionately, joyously, creatively and far more lovingly according to our true nature. You can purchase Martha's book now on, or at The Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore in Sandy Springs,GA.!

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