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What confuses most people about God is its duality. And to understand its duality, we must understand the two minds — in us — that perceive God.
Our two minds are 1) the egoic child’s mind. This is the part of us that thinks, feels, and reacts like a child. It is still God but it is a lower frequency perception of God: fear-based, this is the mind of someone who sees the problem not the solution, and perceives the absence of God in their lives — and perhaps everywhere else because human beings generalize. When we are in this mind, we are often “in lack” and our lives reflect this and, unfortunately, until we correct this mindset, lack is what we create more of.

The second mind is 2) the Highest Mind. This part of us is higher frequency. It is love-based. In this energy is where the solutions are to your problems. And this is the mind that sees the fullness of God. Again, it is a perception. This is the mind of abundance, however, and here we realize that perception has been everything. It has brought us the lives that we have.

The good news is that the spiritual journey is going from the fear-based mind to the Highest Mind. Both of these minds are God: the egoic child’s mind being still God and the Highest Mind being all God. The egoic child’s mind forms when you are 18 months old or so. This is because you have perceived that you need a survival tool. At 18 months old, you have perceived that enough “bad” things have happened and you need to self-protect. Keep in mind, at this time, survival is your foremost concern. So you go about forming opinions of life based on appearances. Ah, but appearances are not truth.

If you are reading this blog now, you know that you have survived — and you might be asking yourself: what else is there? Well, a lot.
Your concern at this time has changed: you are trying to find out how to come out of the survival mode and into the mindset of the Highest Self. There’s a life to be lived and enjoyed but you can only experience it fully in the higher mindset. This is where your potential lies.

Most people are confused about what mind they are in. This is something that must be looked at and explored for you to have a full grasp of the principle that controls everything you say, feel, and do. But here are some tips to get you started:

The egoic child’s mind is self-indulgent, selfish, self-absorbed, critical of self and others, uncooperative, usually still defiant of the parent/s, and secretly or not-so-secretly, full of self-blame. Whatever is happening, it is all about them — at the expense of the other person. Or they make it all about the other person seemingly at the expense of themselves. But this is never actually true: they are making themselves the victim which then, in turn, makes it all about them again.

The highest mind is loving. A global thinker and feeler. It tries to create win-win situations where you both agree to agree or agree to disagree. It has it’s own interests at heart but also the other person’s. It gives the benefit of the doubt to other people but is no “patsy”. It is very discerning. It’s a good creator, is grateful, full of compassion, forgiveness, joy, cooperation, and in awe of this great system it now understands as all God.

The egoic child’s mind often perceives God just like a parent or parents in early childhood and still reacts to this perception. But God is a God of energy, not personhood. And we must ready ourselves to understand and align with the Highest Self God to have a happy life and everything we want.

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