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Empowering the Body

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There is literature galore about empowering the body by eating right, sleeping enough, and getting plenty of exercise. What we don’t talk about and few people confront is how we psychologically disempower ourselves through our thoughts, feelings, and non-acceptance of our physicality.
To catch ourselves in the act of disempowerment, we have to first listen to ourselves. I had a client recently who came in with a complaint. She said, “I am skinny and have no shape. I’m a string bean.”
We are all lying to ourselves in one way or another and these lies must be confronted at one time or another. If these lies are not confronted and you heap enough lies and half-truths upon yourself, you are starting the energy of depression, illness, and disassociation from your true, empowered nature.
First of all, I said the obvious to my client, “You are not a vegetable. So the ‘string bean’ thing is an out-and-out lie. So is the ‘I have no shape line’. You are not amorphous. You have a shape, a shape that many endomorphs like me could covet.
“Second of all,” I went on to challenge, “you have said you are ‘too skinny’. ‘Too skinny’ relative to whom?” Her answer was telling: “Everybody,” she said. Well, that’s enough to make anyone depressed right there. She is saying she is physically inferior to everyone in the world.
As human beings, we are not watching our language to ourselves and we must start if consciousness is to open. Our lies are absolutes we tell ourselves and absolutes always make us temporarily feel safer because it gives us something to hang our proverbial hats on even if it’s negative. However, making yourself feel safer in this case is at the expense of something critically important: your sense of self. In the case of this client, she has assigned a false self, “too skinny”, to hide behind because she was afraid to be more.
The path to consciousness is the path to self-acceptance in every way. Starting with what is is one of the most important exercises we can do. My client was the only one who saw herself as “too skinny”. Other people just like her.
When we focus on a body part we don’t like, we build our lives and our energies around that. We learn to hide “it” and shame gallops up with a shovel to bury it deeply. Instead of this, why don’t we learn to emphasize our good points and diminish our bodily flaws. By the way, this is called “having a sense of style”.

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