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Opening Consciousness

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No one can deny that the world is opening to consciousness. The innovations in technology, medicine, warfare, the individual’s elevated search for truth, the very dissention that seems to be tearing the current world apart reflects that the choice to change to a higher consciousness has come.
We will have many years of working all this out, of course, and peace won’t come in our lifetimes. But it is an interesting time to live and there are opportunities galore to open consciousness which, in turn, makes us more resilient.
Just how resilient we are can be seen in how healthy our bodies are. We are not just our physical body, although we’re most familiar with that one. We actually have four bodies: the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual body. Consciousness does not awaken until all four bodies live in harmony and perform consciously.
Usually people start their work on themselves in the mental body. The mental body is a nice storage place for information that you don’t have to act on. Here we can contemplate change but never have to take a chance on doing anything.
you were yesterday.
We must understand what consciousness is asking of us right now: a deepening of ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We are supposed to think new thoughts, feel deeper feelings, take care of ourselves physically, and continue to deepen spiritually as we journey through the triad of awareness, consciousness, and enlightenment.
Enlightened, the struggle ceases. We know at last who we are and live from a love-based and inspired sense of self, always and forever being cooperative with truth and the opening to more.
We must realize as we age, that we do not have to diminish if we are living in balance with our bodies. What we will do is change. We’ll rest more. We’ll have a wealth of knowledge and sometimes forget a minor thing because our brains are so full. We’ll keep active until the end and change our activities as everything should get more appropriate with the passing of time. And we’ll live in the surety that life is good, balanced, and always creating an opportunity for us to change with it and we will be satisfied, at that ripe old time, that we have been true to it.
Martha is a peak performance trainer working with individuals and corporations. She also has a school for spiritual healing and development However, true consciousness is about moving to deeper levels of awareness in all four bodies. Consciousness, after all, is being more conscious today than where she teaches her method and is the author of The Life You Want and The Teacup Prophecies. You can also find her radio show on

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