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The Choices We Make Naked

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As we move through our journey to consciousness, we learn many things and sometimes learn the hard way. Certainly the story I’m about to share with you could be described as learning the hard way, but in it I learned a lot. For one thing, I learned that in the greatest vulnerability lies our greatest strength. And I also learned that handling a tough situation from the highest and most loving self certainly will win you more friends than freaking out. Both were the choices available in the following story. I feel lucky that I was trained in the theatre and film disciplines for much of my life. After all, the show must go on.
Years ago, I was playing Anna Held in a show called Tintypes. I had a lot of quick changes off stage and found it necessary to forego a brassiere. In one scene, two men carried out a screen, and I, wearing a strapless gown, squat-walked behind it so the audience wouldn’t see me. I was also carrying a stool because I had to stand on it to be well seen above the screen as I popped up and exclaimed, “Voila!”
Now what we had not rehearsed was me in that dress. The costume came in at the last minute so opening night was the first time I wore it. Because of this, what I didn’t realize was that when I mounted the stool, I was standing on my dress. And when I jumped up, the dress fell down to my waist and there I was topless. Keep in mind this was back in the early 1980s before a “wardrobe malfunction” became so commonplace.
The audience went wild. At first, I didn’t know what had happened. I looked down, saw the girls, said “Oops!”, and pulled my dress up. The audience laughed for ten minutes. I made the most of it surely, blushing, shaking my head, acting above it all, giggling here and there, pretending like I was trying to get control of myself when I didn’t have any control at all, and making sure the dress was well pulled up at last. Finally, when the energy and noise abated in the theatre, I went on with another “Voila!” and the rest of the show. The theatre was packed every night after that and standing ovations were frequent. However, if they were there to see another flash of breasts, they were sorely disappointed. I made sure I never stood on that dress again.
My reaction to what had happened was a surprise to me. I was aware of being of two minds. I was most aware of the mind that was not present: the egoic child’s mind, the fear-based part of me deeply ashamed as if I had dived into the local community pool and lost my bikini top for all to see and ridicule – which, by the way, had also happened to me in my childhood years.
Because I was an actor, I had been trained to another mind, although we didn’t call it that back then. In fact, we didn’t have the language then for any of this. But what I had been trained for – and was doing that very night – was being in peak performance which is another phrase for ascended energy, God, the flow state, and my potential, all the same thing.
The event had just happened. There wasn’t any emotional attachment to it. And I went, as I had been trained to do, “with it”.
After all these years, I realize a real distinction between the two minds. The egoic child’s mind, by the way still God, believes in the absence of God. Our mindset is that if God is with us at all, it is with us only in the good times, never in the bad. We are in our child’s mind even as adults. We do not trust God. We are self-absorbed and fearful and go about protecting ourselves instead of really living.
However, there is an ascended mind to you too. This is the transcendent mind that cooperates with what is because it’s all God, and only then can you make the most of what is happening to you.
We are designed to evolve. If we stay trapped in the egoic child’s mind, we will always be fearful and fear our emotional or physical nakedness. But when we realize that this energy evolves into contribution, love, connection, and joy, we will enjoy our lives much more.
Martha is a peak performance trainer working with individuals and corporations. She is a healer, an emotional intuitive, and she has a school for spiritual healing and development where she teaches her dynamic methodology. Martha is the author of the heralded The Life You Want and The Everyday Oracle, her soon-to-be-released and much anticipated new book. You can also find her radio show on

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