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Critical Moments

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Critical moments are moments when you unknowingly start a pattern that works to your detriment over time. The office worker who
volunteers to do a favor for another worker, for example, can get sucked in to performing the task chronically and even
be taken advantage of by other workers. In this exciting show, we’re going to talk about recognizing critical moments when they
happen,how to protect yourself, your time, and your energy in the moment, how to break critical moments of long standing and how
to keep everyone as a friend even as you speak up for yourself.This show is about you and what your specific problems and questions are.
It is about giving you answers filled with insight that will help you cleanup relationships with friends, family, and co-workers.
It will enlighten you so that you’ll never let critical moments pass again without addressing them.
This is a live, call-in show where you’ll speak to Martha directly. She’ll give you all sorts of marvelous tips on your situation so your life
can be easier, more productive, and fun. It’s going to be a lively time!
Join us!

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